A modern flashcards app

Learn vocabulary faster and better with real-world examples.

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A single place to store and practice all your words.

Works with your exisiting language learning method.
Noticed a word you want to learn? Add it to Obstino with just one easy tap.
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Build a collection of examples for each word and learn faster with context.

Stop reviewing only definitions of words.
Study how a word is really used in sentences and boost your skill to new heights.
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Obstino offers three ways to build your examples.

The more examples you collect and study, the better your understanding of the word becomes.
Number 1
You add a word, we send you examples.

Add a word to the library and our service will send you examples of your word used in sentences.

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Number 2
Collect your own examples while you browse the web.

Obstino’s Safari extension detects sentences with your words on websites you visit.

Number 3
Create your own model sentences and get better.

Writing simple sentences that relate to your life is a fantastic method for practicing vocabulary.

Study words by reviewing example sentences.

Read a sentence and picture what the word means in that context. If you don’t remember the word, tap on the blurred text to reveal its definition.
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Track your weekly progress.

Set your daily word goal and the counter appears with the number of words you still need to add.
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Simple, fast, native.

Learn words better and faster.
Available on iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Add words and practice with Obstino anywhere, with seamless sync between your devices.

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Simple and pragmatic design

Design focused on productivity. No clutter or noise. You're always a single tap away from the most important actions.

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Add words using Share Extension

Obstino’s seamless integration with the system means you can easily add words from any other application.

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