Adding Words to Obstino

Adding Words to Obstino

There are two ways you can add words to Obstino.

Adding a word directly in the app

Tap on the new word button, or use the Command-N shortcut to bring up the new word view. Then type the word.

Once you add the word, Obstino will automatically download the word’s information and show you the following:

Adding a word from other applications using the Share Extension

You can use Obstino’s share extension to add new words from other applications.

For example, if you are reading an article in the browser and you notice a word you want to learn, you can select the sentence that contains the word and quickly add it to Obstino.

  1. Select the entire sentence that contains the word (we want to save the sentence in which we found the word, as well).
  2. Tap on Share -> Obstino.
  3. Select a word you want to learn from the sentence.
  4. Click the save button.

Now when you go to Obstino the word appears in the library.

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