Obstino University.
The Least Boring App to Learn Spanish.
(Beta, iOS only)

We use TestFlight to distribute our beta app.


Which platforms does Obstino support?
In Beta we only support iOS (iPhone and iPad).
How can I install the beta?
Click on the "Download on the App Store" badge. It will take you to the TestFlight app, which is Apple’s official app that allows users to install unreleased software.
Which languages can you learn?
So far only Spanish. Once we have more zeros in our account we can start working on other languages.
What has to happen for you to release software to the general public?
Beta program ends once we have more content in the app. So far we have recorded about ~25 videos. We need at least 4x that to get out of Beta. We aim for July or August to get there.
I noticed a problem with Obstino, how can I report it?
We’re here for any feedback, questions, or tech support you may need. Contact us here and we’re happy to help.